Well States Healthcare

Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Well States Healthcare is an asset management firm that helps clients involved in personal injury cases receive the best settlement in addition to providing them with appropriate health care coverage during their case. Specializing in medical financing, lien financing, medical care procuration, and injury case management, Well States Healthcare focuses on “finding the highest quality healthcare for the injured party and enhancing the value of the cases, as well as reducing the time to settlement, for the attorney and the client”.

Given Well State Healthcare’s core operations, in order to best meet their goals, they required a solution that

  1. empowered their agents who were working on case files within their own internal application to find health care providers in the region of the patients,
  2. helped to develop an interface to search for and identify In- and Out-of-Network health care providers, and
  3. to reduce the overall time taken to service patients and to connect them with matching providers.

These goals presented Well States Healthcare with a few challenges: They needed to locate a solution that could help solve their problems, they needed to provide their clients with accurate and precise guidance regarding In- and Out-of-Network healthcare providers, and they need a fast way to locate health care providers in relation to a zip code.

Well States Healthcare partnered with GKB Labs, a business and technology consulting firm based in Maryland, USA to build this integration. GKB Labs engineers build cloud, web, mobile, and data analytics solutions that accelerate growth and streamline business processes. As an experienced integration partner of Zip Code API, GKB Labs works with customers to build solutions that leverage Zip Code API in addition to simplifying workflows; something they offer to all of their clients. When they heard what Well States Healthcare needed, it became clear to GKB Labs to incorporate Zip Code API for the project.

Having a reliable and easy-to-integrate API for Well States Healthcare was important to GKB Labs, which is why they chose Zip Code API. With Zip Code API, GKB Labs was able to integrate the core functions of Zip Code API into their enterprise application for Well States Healthcare, allowing WSH to seamlessly deliver accurate and fast results to their agents. Zip Code API also improved their accuracy for finding health care providers in specific regions. This empowered their agents to offer faster and more accurate support, all the while reducing the time it took to work through cases.