Free Plan

You can use the API for free by simply following the examples in the Documentation. To prevent abuse, you must Register your Application for free. You can call the API up to 50 times per hour. The hour starts on your first request and will cut off requests from your application after 50 within an hour. We reset the counter after the hour is complete and you will be able to process more requests after that (again up to 50).

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Mashape Plans

This API is also available on Mashape with Monthly payment plans.

Paid Plans

Requests Per Second Requests Per Minute Requests Per Hour Requests Per Day Cost per Year
0.01 1 50 1,200 Free!
0.07 4 250 6,000 $99
1.39 83 5,000 120,000 $250
6.94 417 25,000 600,000 $1,000
27.78 1,667 100,000 2,400,000 $2,000
277.78 16,667 1,000,000 24,000,000 $10,000
Register your Application

If you would like additional information about access to the API, click here and please complete the form below. If you qualify for the free plan of under 50 requests per hour, please click the “Register your Application” button above.